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We are a local tree company that offers an extensive list of tree services throughout the Germantown area. Since our establishment ten years ago, our world-class tree offerings have been the top choice of most home and commercial property owners in the city. 

Complete Germantown Tree Service is a team composed of skilled and certified arborists capable of providing a wide range of tree services. We are confident that we can accommodate all your tree care needs using our effective techniques, using high-technology equipment. We deliver all types of tree services from standard tree maintenance to complicated tree removal. We don’t hire just anyone into our team. Everyone who becomes part of our company underwent rigorous training and carefully screened. Our professional tree services are available to both residential and commercial properties. We bring both quality and affordability to our valued clients. 

Our Services

Our comprehensive tree services include the following:

  • Large Tree Removal- Keep in mind that tree removal should never be the first option for tree care. At Complete Germantown Tree Service, we aim to restore the tree’s overall welfare before we resort to tree removal. However, some situations demand the elimination of the tree. If a tree grows so tall and entangles a power line or other fixed structure, it usually warrants removal. It is crucial to cut away a tree if a disease infests it. If not addressed, the infection can spread among the healthy trees in the area. Be advised that tree removal is not a job for the amateur. No matter how confident you are to carry out the task, something can still end up wrong. This is why it is best to leave the job to the experts, like Complete  Germantown Tree Service. We own the right tools, and we are trained to perform such a highly-demanding undertaking. Choose only a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded for your maximum protection.

    Picture of our crew member helping with a tree trimming in Germantown, MD
    Close up picture of tree trimming for a customer in germantown, MD
    Picture of our stump grinder removing a tree stump in Germatnown, MD


    • Tree Trimming- Tree trimming is integral for the overall health of a tree. It is essential to keep the safety and aesthetics of the tree. Landscape trees require trimming now and then to prevent them from becoming a potential threat to your family and property’s security. Unlike trees in the forest that can safely shed off damaged and dead limbs, trees in the yard need human intervention. Dead limbs and branches can end up on your roof or driveway following an intense storm, which is why it is crucial to cut them away before they cause you any trouble.
    • Stump Grinding- An unsightly stump will naturally be left after tree removal. While some property owners decide to leave the stump unbothered, we highly suggest that you have them eliminated right away. Tree stumps can house hazardous insects and pests and even cause tripping accidents. There are two ways to eradicate a stump, but most of our customers opt for stump grinding because it causes minimal damage to the surrounding area, plus it is less expensive compared to stump removal. 
    • Emergency Service- Storms can impact trees in a significant way. If your tree has become a victim of a recent storm, make sure to give us a call, and we will be there right away to provide a fast and affordable emergency solution. Our team is well-trained to carry out complicated tree services such as emergency tree removal and storm damage clean-up. We own specialized equipment that can assist us in every step of the way. We understand that tree emergencies happen at no particular time, so we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for our client’s convenience. 
    • Wood Chipping- If you have a mountain of brush and tree debris waiting to be cleared in your property, we are the company to call. We always have our wood chippers available when performing tree services, and you can request this add-on for a minimal amount. 
    • Shrub and Brush Removal- Some properties are filled with unwanted brush and shrub. If you are one of the property owners that require help with the unsightly shrub and brush in your yard, give us a call today. We can remove these unwanted plants using our state-of-the-art equipment. 
    • Arboriculture Services- We have a wide variety of tree services that include cabling and bracing, diagnosis, fertilizing, and disease treatment. 

    You don’t have to jump from one tree company to another when you choose to work with Complete Germantown Tree Service. We have everything you need, and we offer them at the most affordable rate.

    About Tree Service Pricing

    Professional tree service is not free. This is understandable because they need to spend on equipment, training, and human resource. Top-quality equipment can range from $80,000 to $100,000, depending on the brand. The essential equipment required in tree service is stump grinders, chainsaws, and dump trucks. It is also crucial that you choose a company that has insurance and provides workers’ compensation. Make sure to work with a tree service that is licensed and insured because it will keep you protected from any liability in the event of an accident. Remember that the labor cost will also drive the total price of the service. Expert tree service companies study and train for years to provide only the best results; thus, they deserve to be compensated well for what they do. 

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