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Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree stumps can be both a nuisance and a hazard in your yard. It is essential to get rid of stumps to avoid them from causing trouble in the future, as well as to restore the aesthetics of your property. 

We use two approaches to eliminate a stump. The first method is to dig it out entirely off the ground, while the second approach is to mill it until it is three to six inches below the earth. In most cases, only development areas where foundation laying is required uses the first method because of the potential damage it can cause the surrounding area. Stump grinding is considered a more favorable option for many homeowners because it is less damaging and more cost-effective.

Although stump removal can be a messy undertaking, Pro Tree Service promises to finish the task as fast and efficient as possible. With our experience and skills, we can assure you that we can get the job done right. Our advanced technology equipment will help us with the job and make everything more manageable. We will place our Morbark grinders over the stump and begin milling the stump. We typically require the use of heavy equipment in stump grinding, but you don’t have to think about the traces left by the tools we use because we are careful enough not to leave a mark in your yard. If there will be any marks, you can rest assured that they will be gone in a couple of days. 

Each stump requires different treatment because they don’t share the same level of difficulty to grind. Newer hardwoods are known to be the most challenging to grind while Cedars usually take less time and effort to grind. The stump’s age and species also come into play when determining the difficulty level of grinding a stump. At Pro Tree Service, no matter the size, age, and species of the stump, we can have it removed in no time. Leave the job to the hands of our skilled and experienced crew members.

Stump Grinding Rockville

  • We employ specific principles and guidelines in stump grinding:
  • We use an organized approach in stump grinding.
  • We eliminate any elements that can hinder the smooth flow of work, such as small rocks and gravel.
  • We reduce the stump as close to the ground with a chainsaw to lessen the amount of stump that needs to be ground.
  • We put the stump grinder over the stump and start moving it forward and backward. 

This will go on until we have the stump ground 3 to 6 inches deep into the ground. After we’re done with grinding, we will take care of the wood chips and other debris and make sure the area is clean. We can also replant the area with seed and sod, depending on your preference.

    The entire process of stump grinding can take 30 to 90 minutes and can produce an overwhelming amount of wood chips in the area. Rest assured that you will not see any trace of tree-related dirt once we leave because our team will take care of them while we work on removing the stump. 

    We can offer you special discount rates if you purchase several services along with stump removal, so if you have multiple stumps, you can have them removed at the same time, to save money. 

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