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Why Remove a Tree?

There is no wonder that tree removal is a popular offering among tree companies. Although tree removal may be a straightforward job, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It requires not just the right equipment, but more importantly, the proper knowledge of the method and techniques unique to tree removal.

The Process of Tree Removal

Our tree removal process commences with one of our representatives visiting your property to evaluate the site as well as the tree that needs to be eliminated. Our team leader will assign tasks to each member of the crew, which typically consists of the main cutter, chippers, ground service crew, and branch cutters. The team will systematically cut the tree beginning from the top portion going down. We can use our top-rated heavy equipment or safety climbing harnesses, depending on the situation and your preference. We will cut the tree branch by branch and lower each one to the ground. Once on the ground, we will reduce the size of the branch into smaller sections best for firewood purposes. Tree removal ends with us cutting the main trunk to a level suitable for grinding. Our ground crew will be positioned near the site to keep the area free from wood, debris, and other tree-related dirt. 

We do our best to save trees that don’t suffer from severe damage. However, tree removal can’t be helped if it falls under any of the following conditions:

Dead Trees

Without any question, a tree that is dead should be removed right away. Keeping a dead tree in your yard is not only dangerous but can also be unsightly. A professional tree company will recommend removing any dead tree to avoid it from causing injuries among your loved ones and damages to your property. Dead trees can fall at any given time, which can cause serious danger both to structures and human lives.

Diseased and Damaged Trees

With proper care and attention, some diseased trees can be revived. Our team will do our best to restore the health of the tree if it is still possible. However, if the tree is beyond recovery, there is no other way around it but to have it eliminated. Healthy trees can be infested with diseases if diseased 

    trees are not removed right away. Diseased trees can be hazardous because they lack structural integrity and call fall on any nearby structure. Diseases among trees can spread quickly; that is why it is crucial to have the infested ones removed before they affect the healthy trees in your yard.

    Bad Location

    If you see a tree that is planted too close to a building or a house, it might call for tree removal because they can cause safety issues down the road. Further, trees growing near utility lines should also be removed immediately. In some cases, trimming can do the trick, but if the issue is too severe, there is no better option but to have the tree removed. 

    There are three primary variables when determining the total cost of tree removal service:

    1. Size of the tree- A larger tree typically costs more to remove than a smaller one would.
    2. Location of the tree- A tree that is nearby a utility line or any structure will require more time, effort, and labor, hence the higher the cost. 
    3. Tree species- Some species of trees have multiple trunks; thus, they are more difficult to remove, and this drives the price up.
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