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Why Tree Trimming?

Trees can either add or take away from the overall aesthetics of your landscape. It requires proper maintenance for it to look its best and thrive for the years to come. One of the best ways to keep your trees in top shape is by routine trimming. Trimming or pruning at the very least will not only facilitate better health but also improve the appearance of the tree. Untrimmed trees can eventually become dangerous due to dead or damaged branches and limbs that are left hanging on the tree. Also, keep in mind that trees that are in contact with your home or fixed structure in your property can forfeit your insurance claim. 

Tree trimming is not merely science, but also entails art. While anyone can learn the how-to’s of trimming, only experienced and skilled arborists can tackle the job with the art part. One should not just cut away any branch or limb because over trimming can do more harm than good and can cause the inevitable death of the tree. Under trimming a tree is no better because the tree is still at risk of having damaged and broken branches. Tree trimming should be done correctly, using the right equipment, and employing the right approach. 

Every tree is different from another, which is why it should be treated uniquely from the rest. We take into account the shape of the crown and its age when planning our approach. Our certified arborist will provide you with a proper recommendation regarding the health of your tree and offer the right treatment for it. While tree trimming is vital to tree care, many homeowners tend to neglect this aspect which is why we urge you to call Pro Tree Service and have your tree trimmed, so that it could grow to its highest potential and add value to your home.

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It is crucial to follow the high standards set by the Arbor Day Foundation in trimming trees. It is a must to carefully draft a plan before beginning the trimming process to ensure the safety of the workers, as well as the health of the tree. The arborist should never cut too close the primary trunk. Authorities in tree care recommend having the tree trimmed yearly during their dormant season. But, if the tree’s limbs or branches are causing safety issues or starting to case obstruction to pedestrians, then it should be trimmed no matter the time of the year. 

Tree trimming should be performed by someone who is an expert in the job, which is why we encourage you to hire only professional arborists to get the job done. The task may seem simple, but can be dangerous, especially when it requires the use of climbing harnesses or a ladder. Never attempt to trim a tree close to a power line because it can put your life in danger. 

    When you use the service of a professional arborist, they will first assess the tree to be trimmed as well as the area around it to ensure a safe trimming process. You will then be offered a quote that will entail the details of the service, as well as the cost estimate. Don’t forget to ask the tree company about their insurance and license information to protect yourself from any liability in case an accident happens in your property.

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